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Top Luxury Italian Shoes Brands You Should Know About

The idea of ​​luxury was and remains subjective. But for many, it means luxury shoes, perfectly designed and professionally made with the best leather.

Quality, design and comfort…

These should be the three main keys of any footwear, but in the world of luxury this triangle becomes essential as a guarantee of success for a firm.

Shoes are an essential element for men, when a brand is doing well and satisfies you, you will be faithful for many years. We choose top luxury Italian shoes brands for you, all with the highest quality and production standards, handmade, with a mate-to-order option and also with a great history and legacy behind each brand that reflects luxury and tradition.

Stefano Bemer

Unanimously recognized as one of the most talented boot makers of his generation, Stefano Bemer is one of the emblematic figures of luxury Italian shoes design.

It was in 1983 that the bootmaker started his activity before settling in Florence, where he became a symbol of excellence and know-how.


From one end of the planet to the other, Santoni is a well-known luxury Italian shoes brand. Renowned for its expertise for ages, and especially for the quality of its designs, Santoni since 1975 is a reference in Italy and in the world, in terms of luxury shoes.

Paolo Scafora

Scafora is a Neapolitan luxury Italian shoes brand. Even under the soles of their shoes, Scafora does not miss any opportunity to showcase its know-how and expertise in luxury Italian shoes for men.

With its shoes, you benefit from a handmade production and the expertise of many highly specialized craftsmen. Examples of the brand’s footwear: Bosco antique leather boots, suede derbies, Amalfi antique leather, the antique Shark leather Vietri Derby, the antique leather oxfords Ocean and Amarone, etc.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Created in 1928 in Florence, Salvatore Ferragamo is the luxury Italian shoes brand. Founder of the brand, Ferragamo has been famous for many years in the manufacturing of shoes for emblematic figures of cinema, sports and fashion.

His hand-made men’s shoes have the reputation of being creations irreproachable from an aesthetic point of view. Speaking of quality, the know-how of the brand speaks for itself, as it focuses on luxurious materials recognized for their longevity and incomparable texture.

Between classic derbies, leather or suede ankle boots, and one-colored and two-tone Oxfords, Ferragamo will never cease to surprise you. For wedding ceremonies, gala dinners, conferences and other high-class events, wear a Ferragamo and you’ll make a difference for sure.

Antonio Meccariello

Aniline full-grain leather, natural tanning, patina applied by hand, these are the manufacturing secrets of Antonio Meccariello, who patiently and passionately produces genuine collector’s items. This Italian brand is famous for its unique designs and finishing.

Vittorio Spernanzoni

By opening his studio in 1965 in Morrovalle, in the province of Macerata, Vittorio Spernanzoni could not have known that one day a brand would bear his name, or that this brand would be synonymous with handmade and extreme attention to detail. Virtually unknown to us, Vittorio Spernanzoni has all the qualities to arouse the interest of connoisseurs.


Prada has long been known for its quality products: shoes, ready-to-wear, leather goods, etc. Founded in 1913, Prada had its glory days only from the 1970s, with the arrival of Miuccia Prada, the founder’s granddaughter. Miuccia has not only improved creativity at Prada, but has also optimized its management, making the small business a world-renowned company.


Founded in 1995, Geox quickly became the first Italian brand. Since its creation, it has invested in the manufacture of innovative shoes. It is currently among the top five brands in the world. In 2003, GEOX received the Crystal Pump of the best foreign brand. This prestigious brand is well known for its children’s range. It also has lines for men as well as for women. The GEOX brand is present in 103 countries with more than 1,000 stores, and its turnover reached 850 million euros in the 2010 financial year.


Created at the end of the 19th century, this company currently collaborates with the big names in fashion, including GUCCI. Pollini also makes shoes and leather goods for haute couture stylists. Since the end of 2000, Pollini has been part of the AEFFE group of stylist Alberta Ferretti, who has spearheaded its revival on an international scale.

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi is one of the most famous Italian shoe brands. Since its creation in the late 1960s, the brand has become a global reference in the luxury Italian shoes industry. In 2004, Gucci Group acquired this company at 100%. Currently, Sergio Rossi has 47 shops internationally, including two in France.


Owned by the LVMH group, the Berluti brand was founded in 1895 as a specialist in luxury Italian shoes for men and leather goods.


These shoes are made with in Civitanova, Italy, with the best leather and high-end ornaments, such as 18-carat gold locks, hand-painted edges and application of stitches that can take up to 24 hours to build….


Alden manufactures its pieces to the highest standards and they are handmade.It was founded in 1884 in Massachusetts and is the best American shoe company for men. Alden makes its pieces to the highest standards and is handcrafted with the best skins such as cordovan, kid’s suede and calfskin in New England.

These shoes are an essential part of the male iconic clothing.


Pierre Corthay founded this French brand in 1990, since its inception it has established itself as one of the best men’s shoe firms. In 2009, Pierre was awarded the “Master of Art” by the French government, which is the greatest recognition of French crafts. These shoes have a distinctive silhouette of elegant lines and soft contours. All shoes are entirely handmade in France and French materials.

Edward Green

Cut by hand with the best leathers in the world, each pair of Edward Greens has been made since 1890 in Northhampton, England.

Its quality is exceptional and its sole guarantees the best comfort and durability.

Enzo Bonafé

It was founded as a family business in 1963 in Bologna, Italy. Enzo runs the company along with his wife and children. Something that distinguishes Enzo Bonafé shoes is that they are completely handmade, with the hand welted process, in which the sole is sewn and assembled from the insole, a handmade form that very few producers use and that defines a high level of quality and luxury Italian shoes.

John Lobb

The brand has been making shoes since 1866 in London and since 1902 in Paris. They have a rich heritage of artisanal process that guarantees quality, comfort and durability in one of the most beautiful shoes in the world. The original brand maintains its store in London where only custom shoes are made and 100% handmade in its Northampton factory.

Saint Crispin’s

This Austrian brand was founded in 1985, where they began to produce handmade shoes, as well as making footwear for different brands in the world. Its factory is in Romania where 95% of the process of its parts is done by hand and the other 5% is at the industrial level. Its particularity goes from the colors and techniques to paint the skins. Most of their customers choose the customization process, so they have a very knowledgeable and loyal audience.


One of the oldest brands of English shoes, it is also a favorite for its great quality and tradition. It was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker.

The Tricker’s factory is in Northampton, England and opened in 1904 and remains active until today.

Tricker’s keeps its production at hand as well as its made to order service. It is a key brand in men’s shoes and has created great models of boots and shoes that are a reference for many other firms.

Yohei Fukuda

Yohei Fukuda is one of the most acclaimed Japanese shoemakers today. Fukuda is 35 years old and grew up in the city ​​of Tomaya, after high school he moved to England to work and learn in the traditional English fashion industry. He studied at the Tresham Institute in Northampton, a school specializing in shoes, then worked at Edward Green and then returned to Japan in 2008 to start his own brand. Since then he has established himself as one of the great shoe craftsmen in Japan. Its tobacco has led to balance the cult and tradition that it has for the English shoe store as well as its perfection and Japanese detail, which shows in a great quality and result, in addition to carrying the bespoke shoes option at a very demanding level and pure luxury.

Calzature Marini

Let’s end this review with a small manufacturer based in Milan since 1950. The shoes produced by Belfiore obviously have nothing to do with the creations mentioned above, but their price-quality ratio brings them closer to those of a Meermin or a Markowski. Average price: 180 euros.

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