Men’s Shoes – How To Choose?

Men’s Shoes – How To Choose?

Shoes, vast subject! Some juggle with ten pairs while others are always looking for the pair, the one that will change everything. What is in my opinion indispensable is to possess the strong pieces of the male cloakroom; the timeless shoes, the iconic models, in leather known for their quality and aesthetics.

It is important to have at least one nice pair of shoes that will give a final touch to your look and distinguish you from others. A well chosen pair will sublimate your appearance!

I will present in this article my 4 pairs of shoes ideal for men, to know


The queen of pleasure shoes, perfect for the summer, a safe bet. There are different models: tassel loafers, penny loafers, moccasins bites (specialty of Gucci), and moccasins with pimples gum specialty Tod’s houses or Fairmount – very convenient for driving because of their good grip.


Perfect for the fall / winter season and for a long weekend in the countryside. These shoes will protect your feet from the cold and bad weather.

Important point: when buying a pair of boots prefers a rubber sole (instead of the traditional leather split sole) this will prevent you from bad slips and isolate your feet from the cold. For the material, opt for resistant leather, like a grained skin or a leather fat.


Since their creation in 1945 by the famous English boot maker John Lobb. They had disappeared from the “circulation”. But they come back in force! What a pleasure. The return is blatant in the spring-summer 2014 collections with more contemporary proportions. Different models exist with one or two loops, with or without end, flowered, even with crepe soles. This model has the advantage of having a good foot support and being practical to put on.


Since they left the muffled apartments of the aristocrats and they walk the asphalt of our cities, we can say that they have the wind in their sails. For a very chic outfit a nice pair of polished slippers will do the trick or for a more rock look, a pair of tartan flannel and moreover studded, if Please.

How to Wear Your Men’s Shoes with Class!

As you all know, wearing shoes is not something you leave to chance. A dress code essential to understand if one wants to be well seen and considered in society. Do not panic, we certainly will not be sectarian in this article! Whether you wear sneakers, moccasins or shoes, you just have to wear them, adapt them to the circumstances and the outfit to which you associate them! A quick look at how to wear your men’s shoes with class!

Each Shoe Has Its Context!

Sign of social belonging as much as real ally in everyday life, your pair of shoes accompanies you everywhere, from jogging to the office, from home to the restaurant. Having a cupboard filled with goddesses is good, knowing how to choose properly depending on the outfit that is worn, it’s better! First thing to consider, the type of shoes. Derbies and oxfords for the office or appointments, boats and moccasins with your favorite jeans to go for a drink in town and a pair of boots for the weekend. We can of course complete with a pair of joggers to go running, move the mother-in-law or go for a walk in the forest with the children. In these circumstances, no one will judge you on your choice of shoes, though!

Italian Style

Once the model chosen then come the color! With jeans, we will choose a color in accordance with what we wear at the top but some pants call specific colors. If you choose white trousers with a pretty light colored shirt, the Italian style will push you towards oxfords in shades of brown. An idea maybe, but also a marriage of colors that works very well and will not go unnoticed the next time you go for a drink in town! Guaranteed effect!

The Material

Last essential item before buying a pair of men’s shoes, the material! Remember that to live well and serve you better, your feet must breathe and breathe. A leather shoe will provide real breathing to your feet and avoid the smells and choking that can be had when it’s hot. Cotton socks help a lot on this side as well. Also know that it is important to change shoes regularly and never wear the same two days in a row. This already allows the shoes to rest, the smells of not impregnating the fabric or leather and your feet to breathe better. The use of talc or other product often stops perspiration which is not really a good thing for your skin. Basketball side, many ultra breathable models exist to run, the disadvantage is that they do not protect you from the water.

Sports Sneakers

Then comes comfort, it depends on what you want to do with it. Of course a pair of sneakers will be comfortable immediately for the wearer. This will not necessarily be true for the long term because most of the sneakers compress the feet, play on the blood circulation and do not bring the necessary stability to a good behavior of the back. Wearing it regularly will not ruin your life of course, but you should avoid wearing it on a daily basis.

In Conclusion: Choose the Right Shoes with the Right Size

To be comfortable during the day or during the whole evening, it is essential to take your pairs of shoes with the right size.

When fitting, be sure to pay attention to the comfort of your feet before taking the pair you want. And to do well, know that it is wise to try the shoes in the middle or end of the day rather than early morning. The reason is that the foot tends to swell during the day. If you take your pair at the beginning of the day, it is possible that it is less comfortable with the hours that pass.

The right pair will be the one that will let your feet breathe. At the level of the width, you must feel your feet well maintained without being crushed. On the side of the length, your toes should in no way touch the tips of your shoes for optimal comfort.

And so, you will be comfortable while being stylish!

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